GRC Cladding


Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete cladding panel is a thin concrete section manufactured using OP cement and aggregate mix to give strength to the sheet. In comparison to steel, GRC cladding never rusts yet have the same thickness and strength of any other metal panel. We have been using this technology for many years and successfully designing GRC cladding panels for buyers all over India. The best part about Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete is that it can be easily molded into any desired shape. Today, many construction companies are using GRC Cladding Panels to reduce the load from the structure and strengthen the frame of the building.


At very affordable rates, we offer these GRC Screens with the utmost quality. Our wide range of products are widely admired for their high strength and top quality. There is virtually no limit to the designs, shapes or profiles that can be created & manufactured in a variety of (smooth, profiled or textural) finishes. With diversity of designs and textures, there can be limitless options as per the customer’s requirement. We are the leading suppliers & manufacturers of these high quality GRC Screens in Gujarat. We provide customized turnkey solutions as per our client’s requirements to provide them with optimal satisfaction. Being one of the best GRC screen manufacturers in India, we make sure to offer the best products & services.


Since concrete is comparatively tough and difficult to mold and work with in different designs. Moreover, fine details, extremely complex shapes & designs are simply not possible using concrete. Therefore, unlike concrete, GRC is easy to mold and can be given any desired shape and design with ease. It achieves the kind of fineness in detail and complexity in design that architects desire. GRC moldings are used for enhancing the decor of architectures, buildings & civil structures. Our team offers the most ambitious designs that can be created over GRC. As per customer’s requirement and ideas, GRC can be molded to form modern futuristic designs or to replicate traditional historic art. It can be painted, colored, faced with fine aggregates or simply left with a natural white or grey, textured or smooth finish. Everest GRC is amongst the highly regarded company for Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete Molding products that are widely applicable in the global market.


The properties of GRC give it a unique & distinct ability so that it can be molded into thin & lightweight panels. These fins and panels are available in a variety of shapes, forms and surface finishes at the same time it maintains its natural appearance. With the use of Everest GRC fins & panels modern architects & engineers can drastically reduce the weight when compared to cast stone or precast concrete elements. Furthermore, they maintain the same aesthetic style in the finished build or architecture. These thin & lightweight fins are very easy to handle & easy to install. Whether structures require a complete renovation or simply some basic refurbishment, GRC fins can be a very beneficial option for the architects, designers & civil engineers. Due to their long-lasting property, GRC fins are considered to be a long-term solution.


Everest GRC Planters are specifically designed and manufactured to enhance the beauty of gardens, parks, building facades, and other such places. As per the diversified demands of clients, we are continuously striving to offer the wide array of patterns, designs and dimensions in GRC Planters that too at most competitive prices. Due to high demand, Everest GRC Planters are available in custom-made options as per the requirement of the customers. Our GRC products are well-demanded in the market for their longer life and enhanced durability. Everest GRC planters have greater density and impact resistance which helps it retain its original value for a longer period of time and makes it the best option to be used in the public realm. GRC has essential qualities that make it the perfect solution for plant containers.

Columns & Capitals

Architectural columns are enhancing elements that can transform ordinary looking buildings into an impressive and stunning masterpiece. The columns in structural architecture are the vertical structural elements that through compression, transmits the weight of the structure above to other structural elements below. GRC (as columns & capitals) material is well known for its versatility, ease of installation, design-friendly and overall weight savings on the architectures or structures. Everest GRC columns & capitals are generally cladded on to concrete columns in order to create a decorative and visually appealing structure. These can be produced in multiple like white smooth surface which can be painted with any color, pigmented, or sand finish.

Replacing RCC

Glassfibre reinforced concrete (GRC) has been widely used in the construction industry for non-structural elements, like façade panels, piping, operational walls and channels. GRC offers many advantages over other materials, such as its lightweight, fire resistant, strong & sturdy, and moldable. It also offers a better outlook appearance when compared with RCC. Various applications of GRC have indicated tremendous potential of GRC as an alternative construction material.. This also has an application as an architectural precast concrete. Everest GRC has gained remarkable standards among the architects & civil engineers with respect to quality, designing, installation and applications. Currently, our GRC products are widely used for the development of residential houses, commercial & government buildings & architectural facades.

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