Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete

A Material Full Of Potential

GRC, or Glass Reinforced Concrete, is a composite material that is widely used in the construction industry for a variety of applications, including cladding, façade systems, roofing, and decorative elements. Compared to traditional concrete, GRC offers several advantages as an advanced construction methodology. 


One major advantage of GRC is its lightweight nature, which makes it easier to handle and install. This results in reduced transportation costs and makes it more environmentally friendly. In addition, GRC is highly durable and can withstand harsh environmental conditions such as weathering, corrosion, and impact. Another benefit of GRC is its versatility. It can be molded into various shapes and sizes, which allows architects and designers to create unique and intricate designs. Moreover, GRC is highly fire-resistant, making it an ideal material for building exteriors and facades. GRC also requires minimal maintenance and can last for decades with proper care, making it a cost-effective solution for building construction. Furthermore, GRC is made of natural materials and is 100% recyclable, making it an eco-friendly solution for sustainable building construction.


Overall, GRC offers a range of benefits over traditional concrete. Its lightweight, durable, versatile, fire-resistant, low maintenance, and eco-friendly properties make it an ideal material for modern building construction.

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Technical Properties

The production ECPL GRC is as per the international standards of manufacturing as mentioned in GRCA. Certification regarding our material is available on-demand.
6 - 14 MPA
Flexural Strength
5 - 11 %
Water Absorption
30 - 50 MPA
Compressive Strength
2.5 - 5 WT.%
AR Glassfibre content

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