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Prefabricated building is a non-conventional style of construction wherein, majority of the building components are manufactured in a factory that are then transported and assembled on site to form the entire building. Prefab construction is cost effective in terms of time, wages, and raw materials. Prefabricated units include PUF insulated wall panels, solid wall panels, dry wall panels, PPGI roof panels, insulated roof panels, staircases, civil plinth, flooring, truss frames, purlins, columns, and other such structures.

Everest Composites Pvt. Ltd. (ECPL) Prefab division offers turnkey prefab construction solutions from concept to execution.


Prefabricated construction takes half the time as compared to traditional on-site construction. This is because of better up-front planning, zero on-site weather disturbance, reduced site disturbance, and use of advanced construction techniques. This all enables construction companies/developers to take on multiple projects simultaneously, allowing these businesses to grow rather than putting all the focus and resources in a few projects.

Since most of the construction materials are being manufactured at the factory there is less truck traffic, equipment, and material suppliers around the actual construction site. This efficient approach to construction provides a way more productive on-site atmosphere, while also eliminating unnecessary distractions and interruptions that are common of a construction site.

Prefab construction takes place in a controlled environment of a well established manufacturing facility. Unlike traditional construction, which depends upon the varying skill levels and schedule of the various contractors, prefab structures are manufactured and assembled by an experienced team in a weather controlled environment, with multiple quality and safety tests along the manufacturing process. Thus, the overall quality and craftsmanship of this unconventional method of construction is reflected in the finishing of the final building.

With prefab construction, building in remote locations and/or with limited manpower is plausible. With fewer trucks coming on-site it makes it very easy to start construction at any location as managing logistics is far more easier when compared to traditional construction methodology. Prefabricated construction also requires less than half the amount of physical labor or skilled labor as each component comes pre-assembled to the site from the factory. Therefore, you are not as dependent on the skills of the contractors.


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Workmen Colony

Relocatable Site Building

Factory Building/Office

Insulated Storage Building

Lift & Shift Shelters

Weekend Homes (1/2/3 BHK)

Pharma Clean Room

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